The Digital Age is deeply shaping the way students learn and will also determine their future prospects. Our goal at EduCasheer is to encourage the students to adopt fast this new way of learning, and want them be ready for tomorrow by being their constant learning guide.
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We are in a process of bringing together the best teachers, technology, content, media for creating a seamless, world class learning experience for each and every student without taking a penny from them. We are going to provide a learning platform where students irrespective of their age, colour, sex and religion can learn, engage and be excited about creating their own path to discover the world.
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By joining our teaching program or donation program you are not only giving a child the wings to fly but also creating a Sadaqah Jariyah( a continuous Charity) for yourself
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Aaqib Mir

Media Head

We are in the process to make education attainable and serene. Our Team believes in change and I request you to be part of that change. Your support is gratifying. Thank you for your support.


Musavir Khaliq

Founder of eduCasheer

“I am joyful to see so many people came together to help  others . This is the way will get back our derailed generation and through this medium I hope to bring a change that is need of this hour”


Mehraj-u-din baaz

Co-Founder of eduCasheer

“This Initiative of ours is great way to bring our education on track and to compensate loss of our students”

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