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    Novel – Let Me Game in Peace – Let Me Game in Peace

    Chapter 1009 – Sunday Dungeon amuck hole

    Lance and business didn’t are aware that Zhou Wen obtained the power to restrain a lot of taboo abilities. If they discovered that Zhou Wen experienced picked ‘friend,’ they shattered out in a cool sweating for him. He may expire if there is any attach up.

    “Zhou Wen, step back. It’s tough to hold the proper answer to this question,” Lance immediately explained.

    Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised.

    Nevertheless, the black color-and-bright magic soccer ball vanished before Tyrant Behemoth’s fist. Zhou Wen immediately sensed that some thing was amiss as he hurriedly controlled the bloodstream-decorated avatar to teleport gone.

    Certainly, the black color-and-white magic ball appeared to pa.s.s through Tyrant Behemoth and appeared behind it just before flying in the distance.

    Zhou Wen proceeded to go there on Fri, Sat.u.r.moment, and Weekend by itself, but he only viewed the dilemma about the front door before coming back without giving an answer to.

    Just about everywhere he searched was filled up with your bones and blood flames. It had been like h.e.l.l.

    “Zhou Wen, step back. It is very difficult to hold the correct solution to this,” Lance immediately said.

    Whether or not the miraculous golf ball it threw didn’t hit its targeted, it may well bounce back following hitting something. The dark-and-white colored miracle ball that bounced backside would come to be even more quickly.

    If Zhou Wen was a little lured by a very best Mythical Friend Ovum, his choice of companion would cause his loss. Also, buying a top notch Mythical Companion Egg makes other individuals think that Zhou Wen didn’t appeal close friends.

    Zhou Wen actually wasn’t certainly how he would select. After all, it depended on your situation. He didn’t dare ensure that they would select a pal, so for safety’s reason, he used the Paradise-Beginning Scripture.


    “It’s good. There is no requirement to loose time waiting for down the road. It is a complete waste of time.” Zhou Wen secretly triggered the Paradise-Cracking open Scripture and pick top Mythical Friend Egg. Under ordinary common sense, it designed Zhou Wen obtained decided on ‘friend.’

    Subsequent, it turned out Feng Qiuyan’s transform. Feng Qiuyan’s issue wasn’t tricky, so he easily attained admission.

    “It’s high-quality. There’s no requirement to look forward to the future. It’s a complete waste of time.” Zhou Wen secretly initialized the Heaven-Starting Scripture and chose top Mythical Friend Egg cell. Under typical reason, it intended Zhou Wen experienced decided on ‘friend.’

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    Whenever the doorstep started, the picture Zhou Wen found was without a doubt totally different from the Maze of Lies he got previously seen.

    Tyrant Behemoth’s effect was extremely fast since it struck the dark colored-and-white miraculous ball.

    After making the labyrinth, Lance believed to Zhou Wen, “We can go on arriving here to acquaint ourselves while using problem on Fri and Sat.u.r.working day. Even so, don’t type in on Weekend in the meantime. Most of us will enter when we’re prepared.”

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    Zhou Wen directly used the Heaven-Starting Scripture in order to avoid the question about the home, economizing him the problem of wasting time.

    The miracle b.a.l.l.s only particular the blood flow-coloured avatar. In the appearances from it, not simply performed Sunday’s Mischief Clown’s abilities come to be horrifying, but even his learning ability seemed to have risen substantially. He actually realized the key of capturing the leader.

    Even if the magical ball so it threw didn’t attack its target, it might recover right after striking anything. The dark colored-and-white miracle soccer ball that bounced back again would grow to be even more rapidly.

    When Mischief Clown found the our blood-tinted avatar, it immediately flashed and vanished in the horse.

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    He finally downloaded the Saturday dungeon. Right after coming back, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait around to produce it. He wanted to see that which was diverse with regards to the Saturday dungeon.

    Chapter 1009: Weekend Dungeon

    The silencer and Lance signed up with in. Their problems didn’t have massive traps. All they necessary to do was solution accordingly by lying down.

    However the structure didn’t appear to have improved much, peculiar blood fire burned inside the maze. The merry-go-spherical possessed changed into your bones with blood vessels fire eliminating in it.

    If Zhou Wen hadn’t dodged, the black colored-and-bright magic baseball would have attack him.


    “Regardless, In my opinion Zhou Wen is often a unusual friend,” Lance explained.

    “That’s correct. There are several sorts of buddies. How can we generalize them? This question is a huge capture. Don’t response it. Let us repeat the process future,” Gulli explained.

    Not surprisingly, the selection was the other way around, but this didn’t restrict one’s understanding.